Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting in on the deals!

As many of you know, I'm loving this extreme couponing Kristi taught at a homeschool meeting. I even have a seperate email account set up, just to receive deal alerts! I suggest that for anyone signing up for deal alerts. It's just a good idea!

Recently, Wendy introduced me to, a start up company in Tulsa. They're setting up an online comparison grocery shopping website. I've joined, and suspect this will be the new "go-to" place for the Tulsa area deals.

One great thing about Grocio is that they already have the online ad links compiled in one location here. I love checking the sales circulars online, as I live too far away from most of the good stores, like Target and Food Pyramid, to receive their ads in snail mail. Now, they're all conveniently located in one place, and I can clean out my Favorites folders and keep one favorite, the Grocio link!

If you decide to join, add my invitation code, TB79, and we'll both benefit from the site! Here's the info I received from Gerald:

We're announcing another $200 giveaway contest (and you are among the FIRST to hear about it). Same rules as before apply. Encourage as many people as you can to register at We'll only know they were sent by you if they use YOUR Invitation Code (which appears above). For each new registrant you refer to Grocio you earn one point. Accumulate as many of these points as you can by end of day December 16. If you're the first to refer our first registered shopper in Hawaii, Wyoming, Rhode Island or Vermont you'll earn 5x credit. Person with most points wins their choice of a $200 VISA gift card -or- a $200 donation to the charity of their choice (in the winner's name of course). Shortly after someone registers with your Invitation Code you'll receive an email confirmation. Isn't that simple?

Now, maybe we can get Gerald to work on Catalina info for our local stores, so we can really get in on the deals!

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