Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I don't know how many of you are interested in trading coupons either locally or nationally, but HCW has introduced a new feature on their site which makes listing the coupons you have and trading them very simple.

Users can now search for a coupon by name in the database, and simply click on a link that will automatically add the coupon to their username list under "Have, Keep, Wish". This means you can generate a have list and wish list very quickly.

I'm very excited about this new feature, and I will be utilizing it to make trade for the coupons we don't get enough of in Tulsa.

Speaking of that, did you catch the Green Giant Steamers coupon for $1/1? They sell these frozen veggies at SuperWalmart for $1.23 making the veggies .23 cents a bag! Not bad for good quality frozen peas for the winter stew and mixed veggies for homemade pot pies! Yum!

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