Monday, September 29, 2008

Funfest at Walgreens!

Here's what I purchased:
Post Honey Bunches 4.49
Post Honey Bunches BOGO
Clearance Seasoning .69
Clearance Seasoning .69
Oral B toothbrush 4.49 - 4.49
(Free item coupon from Pro-Health Spring deal)
Zantac 8 count 4.99 - 5.50
(IP from Walgreens website on 8 count Zantac)
RR from last week -5.00
total OOP is .36 plus tax
Received $4.50 RR for Oral B

Then I used the Oral B $4.50 RR to purchase:
Gillette Fusion Power Razor 5.99 Make sure you get the 5.99 one!!!!
Butter 3.99
Butter BOGO
Fusion Coupon P&G 9-27 -4.00
RR from Oral B -4.50
Subtotal 1.48 plus tax
Received $4.00 RR from Fusion

Then use the $4.00 RR for another Oral Btoothbrush, plus I used the .75 cent off coupon from Sunday's paper and a filler. I used the cheap coffee filters, Trident BOGO gum (plus coupon), clearance citronella candles, clearance seasonings, and the Puff's for my fillers.

I ended up doing 13 transactions and didn't spend more than $1.98 plus tax on any of the transactions. I spent $12 OOP and $12 from my gift card. $9.36 of my spending was sales tax, which means my purchases pre-tax would have been about $14!!

I received the following:
4 boxes cereal
1 Zantac
3 Puffs
2 Poultry seasoning
3 citronella candles
4 Trident
6 pounds butter
2 coffee filters
1 Starbucks chocolate for DD
1 Herbal Essence Shampoo for DD
7 Oral B toothbrushes
7 Gillette Power Fusion Razors
Plus I still have a $4RR to use by the 13th of October!

I love Walgreens!


Kristi said...

Great job Tammy! Gotta love Walgreens!

Rhonda in OK said...

you did GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Check out the Pert shampoo deal. On sale for 3.49-2.50 coupon in rebate book-2.00 or 3.00 manufacturers coupon=free.

Clarissa said...

Wa-hoo! Good for you!